Barnes & Noble Bans a Book But You Can Help

Author Tim Ferris’ latest book The 4 Hour Chef has been banned by Barnes & Noble and a total of over 1500 other booksellers but it seems to be of no consequence to the master of self experimentation. Ferris has partnered with fundraising website to sell books and raise money for high-need schools.

For every book sold through Ferris has promised $6 to  which helps needy schools around the country.

Ferris chose Amazon publishing to publish his latest effort and this seems to have raised the ire of the publishing industry and various retailers. Barnes & Noble specifically claimed that they wouldn’t carry the title because it wouldn’t be available for their Nook tablet, so Amazon gave it to them but for some reason B&N still won’t carry it. What it boils down to in my opinion is Amazon and Ferris haven’t paid for floor space in these bookstores and until they pony up for an end cap they aren’t getting one. The down side is that the New York Times best seller list is based on sales of hard copies and this situation has stifled the ability of actual books to be sold. Ferris’ other two titles the 4 Hour Body and the 4 Hour Work Week have topped the list, so he is a proven author.

This latest book is not just about cooking but it is actually about how to perform at a world class level at anything and learn it in a very efficient manner. The book itself is quite a work of art with beautiful photos and a choose your own adventure type layout. If you would like to broaden your learning horizons, help a school, and take on the mainstream publishing industry just follow this link 4 Hour Chef 


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